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Comprehensive list of Milwaukee, Wisconsin based companies, consultants and technicians offering computer help, maintenance, repair and installation services.

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Milwaukee Area: Our local community is very important to us and we want you to know more about it. Located in Milwaukee, WI, Agape Computer Services supply a huge array of pc services suited to understand the requirements of tiny, medium and home-based businesses. Our mission is to supply you, our client, the absolute finest services at the highest prices.

Ted E's Computer Services is an onsite computer repair and service firm serving the Greater Milwaukee area of Wisconsin. Our specialty is making house calls and delivering onsite computer support to homes and tiny businesses. In today's technology driven world, people are becoming increasingly dependent on their computer functioning reliably and efficiently.

Gregory Malsack Enterprises, was began in the summer of 2002 as a holding firm to provide a huge range of services to the southeastern Wisconsin area. Classic Services is a computer network administration company. Computer Investigation Agency is a Private Detective Agency solely focused on Computer related issues.

Even computers with active anti-virus software programs are susceptible to spyware. We can get rid of your spyware and assist you to keep it from coming back. With Priority Service, we'll drop everything and get your pc up and running as fast as possible, so you can get back to business! Were you told that you needed to restore your pc - and after doing so, you found everything was gone?

Stamm Business Technologies is capable to speedily understand our business and how we use technology, work with all stages of our organization, and constantly aid us to use newer technologies to obtain the maximum benefit possible - and in a way that a tiny business like ours can afford.

Full Circle computer consulting is a complete-service computer consulting company for tiny-to-medium sized firms. We provide customized care and a single source for your technical requirements. We analyze your business needs, recommend the software and hardware that is best for you, and supply all the support you need.

The Juneau Group was established by computer system engineers in the Milwaukee area that recognized the need for a new approach to computer system support. The firm's charter is to supply personalized, professional information systems management and maintenance to organizations with one to fifty computers.

Voith Consulting has been in business for over 5 years assisting in the development of custom electronics and software for prototypes, scientific instruments, and test equipment. We enjoy assisting in scientific prototype development and if there is a bit of physics involved so much the better!

Micro Resource. is a computer software support organization which specializes in the support of open architecture, modifiable manufacturing and accounting software. Our staff of experienced computer specialists supplies firms with the hands-on experience they need to make their computer systems work.

CompneTek. caters to both huge and tiny businesses. CompneTek. uses NON-Proprietary custom building techniques in our own 'best quality' Intel based Dual Core, Core2 Duo technology equipped computers. CompneTek. supplies reliable repair and system upgrade services. Let's talk about one of the hottest topics there is at the moment, Computer Viruses.

Give me sixty seconds, then decide for yourself I don't know how you ended up on this page. Perhaps you're local to our SE Wisconsin area and a friend referred you. Whatever the reason, I realize I have all of sixty seconds to convince you to purchase your next computer from me. There are two overwhelming considerations when purchasing your new PC: Quality of course, and client service.

Do not have the time or resources to reconfigure the rest of. ITP's Online Backup Solution is the most advanced cost effective service on the market. We bring our excellence in service and business intelligence to your verticle. Staying connected is not high tech anymore it's a requirement. Here you'll find information about the quality application of technology for business.

Geekasys is a business that offers best quality pc repair, services and consulting at a resonable price. Geek, well that is beautiful self explanatory, but the rest of it is where it gets a little weird. The asys can be taken as one word like assistance. I like to learn all I can about technology whether it be computers or the newest cell phone.

At Port CNC., we supply our customers with superior service and best quality products. We are dedicated to taking our customers into the future by equipping them with the tools they need to remain competitive in their marketplace. As specialists and specialists, we always seek to pursue what is right for our customers when advising on their behalf.

ISC International ltd supplies outsourced business messaging services. Whether your organization is in need of internet fax services, fax broadcasting services, application faxing, message archiving, SMS text message broadcasting, telex communications or overnight document processing, we will get you up and running in a matter of hours.

Mithrax Networking supplies affordable Information Technology solutions to medium and tiny sized businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin. Let us take attention of your network. Read the story behind the Green Crab or select an option to the left. The question that is most often asked is: Where does the name Mithrax come from?

NetSolutions is a technical consulting firm located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We supply network services that cover network design, implementation and support. Our business process & IT consulting division offers ERP & CRM software range project management, wireless solutions with cutting-edge wireless access point WAP technology, and security unified threat management UTM services.

Welcome CORE Desktop is a leader in thin customers and virtual computing solutions for business, libraries and schools, and hospitality providers. Our centralized computing environments deliver secure web browsing and applications to consumers with an easier, better, and more affordable model than traditional systems. June 2, 2009 - One Year In: Customer sees benefits of new ERP system.