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Comprehensive list of Elk River, Minnesota based companies, consultants and technicians offering computer help, maintenance, repair and installation services.

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Alloy's staff supply invaluable guidance at every level of a project, from design to implementation and I consider them to be a true partner. We'll save you money and time. We use the finest of breed technologies to solve your problems. We are dedicated to unsurpassed technical competency and are capable to provide a huge range of support services.

What areas of your business are causing you frustrations? We focus our attention on YOUR business requirements in order to address the situations that YOU would like to see resolved. We focus on your requirements not ours. We are here to serve your business to the highest of our abilities.

Whether it's diagnosing your pc problems or one on one software training, Computer Services and Repair will be at your side. Our friendly technicians are skilled in a range of home and business computer systems. Our onsite service for home and business includes software and hardware upgrades, networking, setting up an internet connection, periodic computer maintenance, training and consulting.

If you need computer aid, you have come to the best place! Computers are supposed to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, there are times they make our lives more difficult. That is where we step in! Our primary mission is to assist you enjoy your computing experience by ensuring your pc is operating securely and reliably. We promise expert service for a price that can't be beat.

With the ever-increasing complexity of today's security threats, a new generation of security appliance is needed. With the constant barrage of blended attacks, zero day attacks, mutating worms and viruses, rootkits and other potentially devestating threats, the Barrier1 appliance from The Barrier Group is tailored to identify and neutralize network attacks.

Adminisys Consulting. supplies custom computer support. We supply installation and troubleshooting for software, hardware, and networks. We have experienced computer specialists to supply a comprehensive solution for your firm. Adminisys Consulting is a computer support supplier specializing in tiny to mid-sized businesses. Adminisys matches support to your requirements.

As your firm grows, you're bound to gain a point where you outgrow your existing computer infrastructure. There can be any number of indications. Maybe you find you're wasting time trying to locate important documents and files that are scattered about in many places. Or maybe you notice key employees are spending more time dealing with computer problems than business problems.

We're situated in Princeton, MN and have been in full time business since 1998. We provide a huge array of pc services. TDT is certified with CompTIA.