There are many reasons why Zum Computer services is a great choice for your computer needs. Besides unparalleled technical knowledge and service with a smile, if you're a business owner or home user on a budget, compare our prices and see for yourself. We're changing the landscape of how it support is done! Selected benefits you'll receive include:

Knowledge. Our veteran support pros have years of proven experience and a near-perfect customer satisfaction rating. Over 5,000 computers repaired and hundreds of wireless networks secured!

No geeks. Many technicians are notoriously hard to work with. Our friendly computer service people speak with simplicity and clarity.

Price. Our on-site and remote helpdesk support rates are competitively priced for today's economy.

Unbeatable turn-around time. Our diagosis and repair averages 1-4 days for most issues!

On-site service with flexible hours. No more fighting traffic, unplugging cables or breaking your back moving your computer. We come directly to you. And we do our best to accommodate your busy schedule, including after hours and weekend service.

Remote desktop support. Our technicians can connect to your workstation now to troubleshoot issues!

No pushy sales. Our competitors train their techs to "up sell" you commercial software to increase their profits. We encourage the use of open source products: free, popular, and non-corporate.

No overseas phone calls. All our employees reside locally, including our remote desktop support technicians.

Eco-friendly e-waste recycler. We offer recycling of your old/damaged computer, including free data wipe, at no charge.

Service from the heart. Corporations exist to please their stockholders. We exist to please you.

We're here to stay. Delivering quality services for pc workstation and server users is what we've been doing since 1999.

Contact Details

  Person Zum Computer Services
  City Salem, OR
  Phone Number 1-503-564-4990

Customer Testimonials

I am the business manager at a small school and our internet went down. I was in the middle of budgeting AND running a payroll. Needless to say, I was frantic. After trying to troubleshoot on my own for 45 minutes, I placed a call to Zum. After a quick description of what was occurring, he lead me right to where the "fix" needed to occur. I was back online within minutes of my call.

Thank you!

We have been working with Zum Computers for a couple of months now. I contacted Lucas via Zum's Remote Assistance feature, and he has come into our computer and cleaned it up, installed some programs to keep it clean, installed some programs we were having trouble installing, found updated software programs for some of our hardware and installed them. He was fast and efficent in all these tasks, and extrememly patient in explaining to me what he was doing and why.

Lucas had been very impressive to work with, but he went over the top when I contaced him to help me revamp a big Powerpoint Presentation that was six years old and need updating. We started at 3 PM one afternoon, and he stayed with it for 5 hours till we had it completely renewed, saved, and trasfered onto our laptop. A couple of days later I gave a Two-Day Seminar at a remote location, from that PowerPoint Presentation, that looked and worked perfectly.

His tireless work ethics, patient attitude, and knowledge are rare in this day and age. We would recommend Zum Computers to anyone, and have not found a task they can not do fast and efficently.

The technician was very knowledgable about computers and was able to fix ours which unknown to us was affected by viruses. We only knew the computer wasn't working correctly. He was able to fix it and help us understand the problem. We had him come to our home to fix the computer. The price to fix was very reasonable. We will use them again in the future, especially when we decide to upgrade our computer. I would recommend Zum to friends. Thanks, D & B

From Our Website

Zm Remote Desktop is a remote computer support tool that enables instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote PCs over the web and to any point on the globe. The remote computer repair service is oriented not only towards large and medium sized businesses, but also towards the needs of small firms and residential users. 1. Contact Zm to schedule an appointment to start getting computer help. 3. The Zm Technician will ask for your 6-digit Client ID number.