At Unbreakable IT, we believe the best IT solution is proactive rather than reactive. We work around the clock to ensure that your IT disasters never happen, and we figure out potential problems well before they can turn into actual problems.

We carry a steadfast commitment to both infrastructural and personal availability to our clients. Our mission as an IT firm is to have a friendly, knowledgeable engineering staff that is available 24/7 to our clients with no downtime, just like our technical infrastructure. Simply said: the personal aspect of our business is just as fundamental as the technical aspect. Whether it is 9AM on a Saturday or peak traffic time on a weekday, you should be always able to know the standing of your IT solution. Technology should be accessible and understandable, not esoteric.

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  • Orlando, Florida, Tampa

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  City Orlando, FL
  Zip Code 32801
  Address 501 North Magnolia Avenue, Suite 1000
  Phone Number (407) 583-6291

Products & Services

Data Recovery & Computer Forensics

Unbreakable IT offers unique computer forensic and data recovery solutions. Not everyone backs up data the way they should and hard drives can fail or develop errors. Sometimes the only way to retrieve your valuable data is through computer forensics. Our Orlando IT company can get your data back through our cutting-edge services. Depending on the severity of the damage, this can be as simple as a software solution or involve a dedicated hardware approach.

Computer Training

Unbreakable IT not only builds and supports business computing systems, but provides complete training. Whether your users need technical documentation or hands-on training, Unbreakable IT can accommodate. We can train on everything from productivity software to operating systems.

Microsoft Networking

It's no secret that the business computing world is dominated by Microsoft solutions. Microsoft offers a wide array of products and technologies to make businesses more productive and profitable. Unbreakable IT is known for building world-class solutions around Microsoft products. We can design, implement and maintain Microsoft based networks and are intimately familiar with all aspects of Microsoft IT solutions.

Multimedia and Automation

Unbreakable IT understands the need to show your business in the best light. For this reason, we offer multimedia and automation services for all types of business needs and goals. Whether you are looking to install a new projection system in your conference room or would like to set up lighting automation, we can help. Want to use technology to assist in the classroom? Unbreakable IT specializes in this area.

Document Archiving

Managing the sheer volume of paper documents you need to run your business can be a daunting challenge. Paper documents can easily be lost, misfiled or even destroyed. This doesn't even take into account the costs and space associated with managing paper documents. Unbreakable IT has created the ideal solution for electronic document imaging and archiving.
We collect and pick up files from your storage or business location, scan them into pdf files and make them available online. Based on document retention requirements, we then store the physical copies for specified amount of time after which the originals are destroyed using industry standard shredding procedures.

Customer Testimonials

Very helpful and knowledgeable people. I trust my business to Unbreakable IT. One stop for all your Orlando IT needs.
Their technicians are friendly, knowledgable, and answer promptly.

I'm a solo practitioner and was unfortunate enough to walk in on a Monday morning to find my Server unresponsive because my hard drive failed. Since I had never had this happen before, I was unsure who to call when I remembered UnbreakableIT was right near the courthouse. The same day I brought my Server in, Jaime the owner, was able to diagnose the problem and get my server back up and running. He was extremely patient with me even though I was extremely nervous that I had lost all of my data. I can't thank him and his staff enough for saving me from such a stressful situation.

UnbreakableIT is a very professional and very knowledgeable IT Consulting and Data recovery firm serving Orlando Florida Area.

Our law firm is fortunate enough to be in the same building as Unbreakable. They always have an experienced IT guy on duty - I see them working all hours of the evening helping to make sure that people stay up and running 24/7. On more than one occasion these guys have helped resolve our IT issues.

From Our Website

Our mission is to proactively manage our clients' business information technology by implementing best practices. By doing so, we strive to keep them running at peak efficiency and reduce the risks of security threats and data loss to their lowest possible levels. Jaime Halscott founded Unbreakable IT believing that technology should be easy to use. His vision was to make technology accessible to Orlando businesses of all sizes through simple managed packages. Jaime has worked his entire career to build successful software and technology companies.

Unbreakable IT supports the enterprise customer as well as the SOHO and SMB market. We know that enterprise customers have some very difficult IT challenges. The most common usually revolve around security and updating infrastructure. Enterprise customers have to support wildly varying types of hardware and software, as well as local and remote employees with several individual needs. The enterprise IT department usually can't make the changes it needs because of policies and procedures that are meant to keep unwanted actions from adversely affecting the business.

Did you know that internal security breaches are the most common way that data security is compromised? Is your network secure? Who can get in? What data can get out? It's virtually impossible to answer these questions if you haven't done a thorough assessment of your security and vulnerability. Unbreakable IT specializes in threat detection and mitigation. Our vulnerability assessment services can tell you information about your network that you never even thought you had to worry about. Unbreakable IT will test your network and computers using the latest technologies to make sure only the employees you need to have access to your data do, with restricted access to the only the data they actually need.

Unbreakable IT sells technology from industry leading hardware and software vendors. Our goal is to provide customers with not only effective and strategic IT solutions, but to also give them the cost-effective products they are looking for. Unbreakable IT has selected the best choices for our customers' hardware needs and offers these are affordable prices. Our software selections are equally impressive. We have partnered with some very well-known names and up and coming vendors, all with the goal of giving our customers the best values in security and productivity.

UnbreakableIT is the leading provider of high reliability and high availability technology solutions for Orlando businesses. UnbreakableIT has forged partner relationships with the premier vendors in several different technology industry verticals to provide best of breed solutions both as part of our service offerings and through consultative and reseller efforts. Are you a provider of technology or industry specific solutions that could compliment the UnbreakableIT solution set? Are you an individual or business looking for revenue from referral business?

At Unbreakable IT, we truly care about providing you the tailored support and IT solutions you need to make your business, home office, or any other infrastructure thrive. Our unique level of IT support service and interactions with our customers allows us to deliver the superior support and packages clients have come to expect. We do everything to get you on your feet, assessing, implementing, and sustaining one of your business' most crucial resources. Our goal is to give you the IT services you need to keep your large or small business running smoothly, while keeping you informed along the way.

The key aspect of building a secure and reliable network is process. Since 2008, our process-driven IT solutions have helped hundreds of Orlando businesses grow. Through experience, we have learned that most technical problems stem from either a failure to follow a process or a lack of appropriate process. Using this knowledge, we devised a simple three-part process that factors your business' goals and budgets and combines them with the right solution at the right price. We know clients are smart and looking for unique technology capable of driving revenue, and we strongly believe our process-driven Orlando IT services can help you rise above the competition.

The typical small and medium business customer has IT needs that are not much different from those of their enterprise counterparts. In some cases a small or medium business might have dedicated IT staff onsite or may have to rely on expensive "break/fix" support from a third party company. It is in the small and medium business space that IT costs per employee can be the highest. Unbreakable IT has the right solutions to reduce these costs! Keep reading to find out how our Orlando small business IT services can benefit your business.