SwiftTech Solutions, Inc. is a Managed IT Services provider based in Orange County, California. The company services clients throughout Southern California, including Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. Since 2001, our business model is based on providing ongoing maintenance and support for public and private organizations. SwiftTech’s IT services meets the increased need for outsourced IT departments, especially for businesses that cannot afford to hire additional staff. These organizations understand IT is a very important factor to their success. SwiftTech provides our clients with higher degrees of reliability and enables them to realize a faster return on their technology investment.

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  City Lake Forest, CA
  Zip Code 92630
  Address 23161 Lake Center Dr. Suite 209
  Phone Number (877) 794-3811

Products & Services

Your IT assets, such as your email, applications, server, and desktop computers, are no longer confined to a single local device. Cloud computing allows you to access these programs by logging into a web portal. Your workers will be able to access the resources they need on any device from any location. Plus, your IT systems will benefit from increased maintenance and faster response to issues that may arise.

If you want to use technology to run a more profitable and competitive business, ask us about our IT Consulting services. SwiftTech Solutions will help your business realize its growth potential by aligning technology with your business goals. We can help you select the best technology solutions to suit your business.

Businesses today are dependent on technology as nothing you've seen prior -- they are driving transformation, productivity and global procedures. Any technology initiative not tightly associated with specific, measurable business goals risks delivering a clear promise.

SwiftTech Solutions understands the specific needs of the business world by developing practical solutions that creates results. Here's the solutions we offer:

Managed Service Provider
Network and Systems Security
Onsite Technical Support
Emergency Services
Virtualization Service
Co-Location Management
Backup as a Service
Compliance as a Service
Purchasing Assistance
Hardware as a Service
Mobile Device Management
Phone & Internet Plans

Customer Testimonials

I started my business a little over a year ago and really didn't know anything about what I would need computer wise, server wise or IT support. I googled IT support in my area and just started calling. Swift Tech Solutions was about the 6th one I called and went with them because they were the only ones that answered their phones. I immediately took that as a good sign. I have stuck with SwiftTech Solutions because they have been a God send to my business. Everything in my office runs smoothly and they still answer their phones whenever I call. If you are looking for a great IT service you cannot do better than this company.

As a business owner, I am actually pretty adept at doing my own IT, but as my business started to grow, I just didn't have time to mess with it anymore. I called Swift Tech Solutions. I can tell you that they are consistently good, always on time and very helpful. I feel comfortable in giving them a positive review and recommending them.

I credit Swift Tech Solution as saving my business. I had a nightmare situation where I thought I had proper backup of my most valuable data. This is data that my business is dependent on to survive.
When my server crashed, it was only then that I realized how inadequate our backup and current IT company was, my business was teetering on the brink of disaster. I’m a fairly stoic person known as being cool and collective under pressure, but this made me lose it completely.

In a blind panic I called Swift Tech. Not only were they able to recover all my data, but created for me a disaster recovery plan for any future events. They also replaced my server that works better and faster than the older one that crashed and burned. If only more businesses were aware of how vulnerable they are, they would be more pro active to prevent things like this that eventually will happen.

If you find yourself in a situation like mine, or if you just want to avoid that ever happening, call Swift Tech Solutions.

Just a quick review to let you guys know how helpful you have been during our office move. You guys really came through in helping to get everything moved over to the new office and it all went so smoothly. Thank you Swift Tech.

The IT support by Swift Tech is fantastic. It frees me of the duty of having to figure all this stuff out myself, which I would probably screw up anyway. Plus, I don’t have to worry about hiring an IT staff and carrying all that employee liability on my back. Swift Tech gives me just the right amount of support I need and want.

I’m not a tech person, but I know enough to recognize someone that knows what they are talking about. It seems there are a lot of people in the managed service provider business that really have no business being there. Swift tech solutions had all the answers in my book. They knew what I needed without trying to oversell me or bs their way into the door. I have hung on to swift tech as they keep giving me the best service I’ve ever had in computer consultants.


SwiftTech Solutions Managed Services - IT Support Irvine, Orange County

Outsource your day-to-day IT tasks to SwiftTech Solutions, your managed services provider. SwiftTech has a certified expert IT staff dedicated to fulfilling your technology needs. Learn more about our IT Support in Irvine and Orange County here: http://swifttechsolutions.com/managed-services

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SwiftTech Solutions, Inc. has been providing real-world IT solutions for public and private businesses for over 15 years. Our clients are from many diverse industries where IT is a very important factor for success. We deliver higher degrees of reliability and realize a faster return on their investment. At SwiftTech, we only hire the best and brightest who take pride in building relationships with clients. When you partner with SwiftTech, you will access to our wide network of over 60 industry certified and degreed professionals.