Expert Computer Repair is a computer consulting firm serving Austin, Texas area businesses. Many medium and tiny sized businesses have already realized the bottom line benefits of outsourcing critical IT support to reduce overhead and allow a complete focus on their unique core business.

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  City Lutz, FL
  Zip Code 33558
  Address 21115 Leonard Road
  Phone Number (813) 960-5491

From Our Website

Expert Computer Repair was founded in 2004 by Brian Milliron. Mr. Milliron has been an integral part of the IT team of large and small corporations for over ten years, bringing a wealth of diverse industry experience to the business. He has a well rounded skill set built up from a background in industries such as Telecommunications, Education, High-Tech Manufacturing, Global Services, and Information Technology. He has a proven track record of successful IT project management, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Doing business with Expert Computer Repair is a more user friendly experience than you may be used to. You are not expected to know exactly what you want ahead of time, or to be aware of the multitude of technologies available. That's our job. Expert Computer Repair will work with you to define your IT needs and figure out how to best meet them within the budget constraints you provide. You will be presented with several technology options, along with the positive and negative features of each, so you can make the optimum decision for your business.