Dexisive. was established with a specific mission: to design and deploy technology solutions for medium to huge enterprises with best quality and predictability for our customers. We focus on network design, security solutions, and enterprise infrastructure applications. Dexisive to support ActioNet on Five-Year CORENet contract.

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  City Fairfax, VA
  Zip Code 22030
  Address 4031 University Driv Suite 200
  Phone Number (703) 935-0110

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How confident are you in your enterprise IT infrastructure's ability to provide a reliable fundamental backbone for your organization? Your IT infrastructure is more than just your network, servers, or applications. It is the intricate symphony of all its parts from data centers to desktops and everything in between. A single breakdown or breach in the chain can disrupt your business operations, damage your organization's reputation, and hurt your bottom line. Infrastructure Intelligence, our proven full-spectrum approach to improving IT services, can help solve your peskiest performance and security problems.

Secunetics was founded in 2005 with the goal of becoming the recognized leader for infrastructure assessment, design and optimization in the IT engineering industry. At our core, Secunetics is a team of highly skilled engineers with outstanding credentials in IT planning, design, implementation, and operations. Our specialty is the engineering of high-performance, inherently secure IT infrastructures. Our team has designed and implemented some of the largest and most complex, mission-critical infrastructure solutions across federal and commercial organizations.

At Secunetics, we excel because of our incredible team. We take great care in building a cohesive group of professionals that not only have technical expertise, but also fit into our friendly, ego-free, team-based culture. While the Secunetics team is known for tireless performance, we understand that individual efforts must be balanced with personal priorities. We embrace non-traditional schedules and work environments when possible. Our clients demand the flexibility to perform in diverse environments.

The true power of visibility information goes beyond answering one-off questions. We can draw relationships between data, infrastructure components, and end users to extract key insights about your IT infrastructure, thus turning raw information into a prioritized list of actionable intelligence. We then use our decades of experience with large, complex infrastructures to turn these recommendations into a detailed implementation plan for deployment with minimal disruptions. This entire process is done in close coordination with your team to ensure consensus every step of the way.